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Clix Sounds CD Pet Fireworks, Noise and Desensitisation is for behaviour therapy is a proven technique for the treatment and prevention of sound phobias in dogs.

If you dog quivers every bonfire night, shies at traffic or hides during thunder storms then this is probably the most helpful tool you can have.
With 30 tracks and a guidance booklet you can help you pet overcome their fears.

Played at on a regular basis beginning at a very low volume and gradually increasing the volume and duration over a period of time you can desensitise your pet to those noises they fear the most.

This vet approved CD is also ideal for playing to puppies in order to prevent the fear of these noises developing.

Formulated by animal behaviour experts this CD is divided into four categories of sounds:
Bangs: Fireworks (4 tracks), Thunder, Gunfire, Crow Scarer etc.
Transport: Planes, Sirens, Motorbikes, Trains, Cars etc.
Household: Lawn Mower, Washing Machine & Vacuum Cleaner.
People: Children playing, Babies crying & Crowd/Party noises.

Each track is approximately 3 minutes long.

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